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Recommended Books Related to iMovie and Digital Media
By Gary S. Stager

Essential Books

Apple Training Series : iLife '06
book cover  

Apple Training Series : GarageBand 3
by Mary Plummer

Garageband 3 book

Making Real Life Videos: Great Projects for the Classroom And the Home by Matthew Williams

An amazing resource!

Garageband 3 book
An phenomenal book and indespensible guide for teachers and students. Highly recommended!

iMovie 6 & iDVD: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue

This is the thorough and informative book you've been waiting for. A must for all iLife users!

David Pogue also authored fantastic books about Garageband and other applications.


Mac iLife '06 in the Classroom
By Jim Heid



Digital Video Production Cookbook : 100 Professional Techniques for Independent and Amateur Filmmakers by Chris Kenworthy

Unbelievably cool, cheap & easy special effects and camera techniques!

Digital Video Hacks: Tips & Tools for Shooting, Editing, and Sharing by Joshua Paul

A phenomenal assortment of wisdom and cool tricks!
DV Filmmaking : From Start to Finish by Ian Aronson
A great book for Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere users.

iMovie 3 Solutions: Tips, Tricks, and Special Effects
by Erica Sadun

A fantastic source of incredibly clever ways to use iMovie, QuickTime Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements to create sophisticated video productions.



Radio: An Illustrated Guide by Ira Glass
This short comic book by the host of NPR's This American Life somehow manages to inspire children of all ages to conduct great interviews and produce radio programs for the web and traditional radio. This is the best $4 you will ever spend!

Indispensable! Every student should own a copy!

How to Photograph Your Life: Capturing Everyday Moments with Your Camera and Your Heart
by Nick Kelsh

An incredibly beautiful, practical and easy-to-use source of inspiration for anyone interested in snapping great photos.

Brilliant book!

The Photoshop Elements 4 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby
Want to know how to make someone look slimmer, loose freckels or fix red-eye automatically? How about simple color correction, photo repair or adding a watermark? if you answered, "yes," to any of these questions, then this book is for you. The book is organized around "how-to" topics with crisp clean photos detailing each step. It is an excellent reference for non-experts.


Older stuff still worthy of consideration

Photoshop Elements 4 Solutions: The Art of Digital Photography
by Mikkel Aaland



Digital Photography Essentials: Point, Shoot, Enhance, Share
By Erica Sadun

Digital Photography Pocket Guide by Derrick Story
The Digital Photography Pocket Guide gives you the tools, the knowledge, to take the kind of pictures you've always wanted. Consider it your quick-reference photo mentor that explains each of the camera's components, shows you what they do, then helps you choose the right settings to accomplish your goal. When you want to ask an expert, "How can I get that picture?", simply pull this handy guide out of your camera bag, backpack, or back pocket, and you'll find the answer quickly.

The book covers everything from image resolution, flash modes, action photography, close ups and portraits, to memory cards, emailing images, and archiving.
Digital Photography Pocket Guide
iMovie 3 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide)
by Jeff Carlson

Quicktime Pro 6 for MacIntosh and Windows
by Judith Stern, Robert A. Lettieri

Learn a lot more about the hidden secrets of QuickTime in this book for novices and experts alike. This book contains lots of great tips and tricks for editing with QuickTime Player.


QuickTime for the Web : A Hands-On Guide for Webmasters, Site Designers, and HTML Authors
by Steven W. Gulie

This expansive volume contains a great deal of information needed by folks planning to produce QuickTime movies for the web and other forms of mass distribution. It's the bible of QuickTime on the video-based web publishing.


Revolutionary QuickTime Pro 5 & 6
by Bradley Ford, Andy Grogan , Frank Lowney, Manuel Minut, Jonathan Puckey, Jurgen Schaub , Francesco Schiavon, Barb Roeder



iLife Bible
By Dennis R. Cohen & Bob LeVitus



iLife Zero to Hero: iMovie 3, iPhoto 2, iTunes 3 and iDVD 3


Making iMovies
by Scott Smith



iMovie Fast & Easy
by Kevin Harreld



Complete Idiot's Guide to iMovie



The Little Digital Video Book
by Michael Rubin



Producing Great Sound for Digital Video
by Jay Rose



Final Cut Express Editing Workshop
by Tom Wolsky


FCE Editing Workshop  

Making Movies with Final Cut Express
by Michael Rubin


Making Movies with FCE  

Beginner's Final Cut Pro: Learn to Edit Digital Video
by Michael Rubin




Final Cut Pro 3 and the Art of Filmmaking
by Jason Cranford Teague, David Teague


Final Cut Pro 3 Filmmaking  

Final Cut Pro: Visual QuickPro Guide
by Lisa Brenneis


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