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Books to Enhance the Teaching and Learning with LEGO & Robotics

Lego Crazy Action Contraptions
by Dan Rathjen, the Editors of Klutz (Editor)

Perhaps the best LEGO book ever written! While it doesn't specifically address motorized LEGO or robotics, the building principles and color illustrations are solid. The projects are whimsical and capture the imagination of learners of all ages.

Design Technology: Children's Engineering
by Susan Dunn & Rob Larson

This is a fantastic book for educators interested in design technology, learning through the construction of tangible projects. The book explores important philosophical, curricular and assessment issues associated with such classroom projects, including robotics.

The following books have great visuals for learning how to build structures and machines with LEGO materlais. They also contain amazing robotics plans. The books use a variety of software environments and should be used for construction inspiration, not to learn robotics programming.

Jin Sato's Lego Mindstorms: The Master's Technique
bj Jin Sato

Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms - The Ultimate Tool for Mindstorms Maniacs
by Mario Ferrari, Giulio Ferrari and Ralph Hempel

LEGO Mindstorms Masterpieces: Building Advanced Robots
by Mario Ferrari, Giulio Ferrari, Kevin Clague, J. P. Brown, Ralph Hempel and Doug Carlson

10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2 Projects: Amazing Projects You Can Build in Under an Hour
by Jeff Elliott, Dean Hystad, Luke Ma, C. S. Soh, Rob Stehlik and Tonya Witherspoon

Books related to robotics and engineering
The Cartoon Guide to Physics
by Larry Gonick

Robot Invasion
Robot Invasion: 7 Cool and Easy Robot Projects
by Dave Johnson


JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels: Building Simple Robots With BEAM Technology
by by Dave Hrynkiw & Mark W. Tilden

Robot Building for Beginners
Robot Building for Beginners
by David Cook

BattleBots(R): The Official Guide
by Mark Clarkson, Bill Dwyer

Robot Sumo
Robot Sumo: The Official Guide (The Official Guide)
by Pete Miles

Snapshots! Educational Insights from the Thornburg Center

A brand new book co-authored by David Thornburg, Gary Stager, Lynell Burmark, Bernajean Porter, Ferdi Serim, Sara Armstrong, Lou Fournier, Ted McCain and Bonnie Bracey.

"This volume provides snapshots of the current thinking of each Thornburg Center associate on educational topics of concern to any K-12 educator. The topics in this book are as varied as the people who wrote them. But as you dig to the core of our group one thing becomes clear: we are united in our passion for children and the educators charged with preparing future generations for a dynamic world. Toward this end, we have harvested the results of our research and/or experiences in the classroom and bring our insights to you in a form that is both visionary and practical." - Dr. David Thornburg

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