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Ordering LEGO Robotics Materials for Your School
An extremely opinionated guide by Gary Stager

The following recommendations are based on the following assumptions:

  • Teams of two-three kids will collaborate on each project.
  • Each team will need at least one programmable RCX brick.
  • Sufficient building elements are required for students to leave their constructions together until they are complete and shared.
  • You only need one infrared Tower per computer and one computer per every two to five teams of builders. (Less time is spent programming and debugging than engineering and different groups are ready to program at different intervals). Unfortunately, Pitsco LEGO dacta does not offer sets with RCX bricks and without IR towers. As a result, several towers may go unused.
  • The richest learning experiences occur when students invent their own machines and do not rely on LEGO's prepared building plans.
  • LCSI's new version of MicroWorlds, complete with LEGO Robotics control, should be available in June 2003. Email for more information
  • Free and shareware software environments more educationally-rich than LEGO's Robolab software are available and prefer the serial version of the Tower. Those happy with Robolab should buy USB sets and the RoboLab software.
  • Extra sensors come in handy!
  • If you already have some LEGO Technic sets containing gears, pulleys, motors, etc... You may use them with the RCX. You may wish to order extra RCX programmable bricks and fewer Team Challenge Sets. This way you can combine building elements in order to maximize the number of parts you have and minimize costs. You still need at least one RCX per team.
  • LEGO book suggestions may be found at
  • You can never have too many LEGO pieces of the Technic and playful retail brand of traditional bricks! Go to Target or Toys R Us and purchase some buckets of traditional LEGO bricks.

Bare minimum order

Team Challenge Set with Serial Cable           $199.00  * teams of three students
Item # W979793 
One set per student team is required Order the USB version of this set if you plan to use MicroWorlds EX Robotics.

Enhancing the construction experience

RCX Robotics Command Center                 $121.99 per 4-5 student teams
Item # W979709
Additional "yellow bricks" come in handy as remote controls and secondary computers in more complex projects. Not every project requires an additional programmable brick (RCX), but some do.

Roblab Starter Set                                     $330.00 per 4-5 student teams
Item # W979780
A great big set of building pieces including extra motors, sensors, wires and specialized elements.

LEGO Basic Just Bricks                             $26.25 per 5 student teams
Item # W779251You can never have too many standard LEGO bricks!

Additional sensors are essential!

The following three sensors do not come with the building sets and should be available as budgets allow

9 Volt Touch Sensor With Removable Leads  $11.99

9-Volt Angle Sensor                                   $16.99

9-Volt Temperature Sensor                         $27.99

Extra sets as your budget will allow

Pneumatics Pack                                        $150
Add pneumatic elements to your inventions!

Novel Building Sets

ROBOLAB Amusement Park Set                $119.99  

ROBOLAB Cities and Transportation Set     $117.00  

There is a fantastic scenery set available for approximately $55 as well.


Purchase education sets from Pitsco LEGO-dacta, LEGO's education distributor in the United States. These sets are designed for classroom use and offer maximum value.

Catalog and ordering info may be found at


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