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A brand new recording of Dr. Papert's 1994 closing keynote address at the National School Boards Association Technology + Learning Conference

Seymour Papert's long-lost 1990 speech (transcript) on school transformation, Perestroika and Epistemological Pluralism

Seymour Papert on Kid Power & Generation YES (video) - 1998

A stunning lecture by Seymour Papert about a laptop for every child, learning and school reform at Bates College (video) - 2000

Seymour Papert's keynote address (QuickTime Video) at the International One-to-One Computing Conference
Sydney, Australia - June 2004

Seymour Papert's interview on Australian radio June 2004

Digital Development: How the $100 Laptop Could Change Education
Seymour Papert's November 14, 2006 web conference with the United States Department of State regarding One Laptop Per Child. This may be the last recorded document prior to Dr. Papert's accident.

Papert, S. (2005). You Can’t Think About Thinking Without Thinking About Thinking About Something. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 5(3), 366-367. AACE. Retrieved from

Bode Miller & Seymour Papert: Separated at Birth? (2010) by Gary Stager

What's the Big Idea? Toward a pedagogy of idea power (2000) by Seymour Papert (PDF version) from the IBM Systems Journal.

What is Logo? And Who Needs it? A 1999 essay by Seymour Papert from LCSI's book, Logo Philosophy and Implementation.

Vision for Education -- The Caperton-Papert Platform (1999 National Governors' Association Meeting) A proposal to the National Governor's Association by Dr. Papert and the Governor of West Virgina.

Technology in Schools - To Support the System or Render it Obsolete? A 1999 essay by Seymour Papert for the Milken Exchange responding in part to Todd Oppenheimer's Computer Delustion article and the hysteria caused by his critics.

Perestroika and Epistemological Politics Seymour Papert's 1990 keynote address at the World Conference on Computers in Education in Sydney, Australia.

Twenty Things to Do With a Computer (1971) by Cynthia Solomon and Seymour Papert

Teaching Children Thinking (1971) by Seymour Papert Seymour Papert's website containing a wealth of articles by Dr. Papert.

ZineZone Trailblazer Interview with Seymour Papert (1999) ZineZone provides a text-based and RealVideo interiew with Seymour Papert, along wih an impressive collection of Papert links.

Seymour Papert on Jean Piaget (1999) Seymour Papert remembers Jean Piaget for Time Magazine's 100 Greatest Thinkers of the 20th Century issue, March 1999.

Technology in Schools: To Support the System or Render it Obsolete (1998) Papert responds to the critics of educational computing and its proponents in an extremely provocative article.

Seymour Papert at 1998 Camden Technology Conference (1998) RealVideo streaming of Papert's terrific speech, Targets Hit - Targets Missed, at this major conference. Click here for a summary of this presentation whose audio and video may be lost to the ages.

Does Easy Do It? Children, Games and Learning (June 1998) A provocative article from Game Developer Magazine.

Child Power: Keys to the New Learning of the Digital Century (June 2, 1998) The text, audio and video of a speech made in England by Seymour Papert.

Let's Tie the Digital Knot (1998) An article by Seymour Papert published in Technos, Volume 7. No. 4.

21st Century Learning Archive A collection of articles by Papert and disciples at MaMaMedia.Com.

Educational Computing: How are We Doing? is a recent article by Seymour Papert published in the 25th Anniversary Issue of the the T.H.E. Journal.

Seymour Papert - The Multimedia Today Interview Good interview with Dr. Papert in a defunct magazine retrievable thanks to The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Be sure to click on links at bottom of article.

Obsolete Skill Set: The 3 Rs. Literacy and Letteracy in the Media Ages. By Seymour Papert. Published in WIRED Magazine.

An entire speech on children, computers and learning delivered by Seymour Papert (1996) at San Francisco's Exploratorium, broadcast via RealAudio.

Pretty good online interview with Seymour Papert, creator of Logo and MicroWorlds talks to Meme.

Shallow interview with Seymour Papert accompanied by obnoxious sidebar by the interviewer/editor of FamilyPC Magazine.

A review of Papert's book, The Children's Machine

A review of Papert's book, Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas

Computers, Constructionism and Constructionism - an analysis from England.

The New Media and Education Reform was the name of a panel discussion held at the MIT Media Lab on June 4, 1996. The panelists included: Seymour Papert, Howard Gardner, Sherry Turkle and Mitchell Resnick. Information on ordering audio and video cassettes are available at this site. Here is an American Prospect article, " Access is not Enough - Computer Clubhouses In the Inner City," by Mitchel Resnick and Natalie Rusk presented at this conference. Seymour Papert delivered a fantastic speech that is well worth spending $5 to receive on audiotape. May no longer be available.

The following books are must reading for educators and concerned parents...

1996 The Connected Family : Bridging the Digital Generation Gap

1981 Mindstorms : Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas

1994 Constructionism (collection of research papers edited by Papert and Idit Harel)

Perceptrons : Introduction to Computational Geometry (with Marvin Minsky)

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