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Books and Other Cool Stuff for Podcasting

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Top Podcasting Books
Radio: An Illustrated Guide Radio: An Illustrated Guide
This short comic book by the host of NPR's This American Life somehow manages to inspire children of all ages to conduct great interviews and produce radio programs for the web and traditional radio. This is the best $4 you will ever spend!

book cover

Podcasting Hacks

Great tips for the actual production of a variety of genres and sophisticated technical tricks.

book cover
A comprehensive overview of podcasting for everyone.The one book to buy if you buy only one.

Garageband 3 book Apple Training Series : GarageBand 3

book cover

book cover

book cover

book cover

iMovie '06 Missing Manual

Jim Heid iLife '06 in the Classroom

Podcast Maker

A really good shareware OS X ($20) tool for creating feeds and uploading XML podcasting files via FTP or .Mac.

My favorite Garageband book
Now with podcasting!

Garageband 3 book
A fantastic book for teachers and students!

Ingenious Affordable Web Space for Podcasters

Liberated Syndication
You pay for the amount of file storage you need, but never for the throughput. In other words, if your podcast gets famous, you won't go broke. After listeners have time to listen to your program, the file is archived in a lower-priority server, with the same URL, and your server space is increased by the size of the archived program(s). That's right - unlimited listeners and space that replenishes itself.

Unlimited Free Web Space
Provides free unlimited web space for your web pages, graphics, video and audio files. A free upload tool is available. requires the user to have an account with both and the Internet Archive/ If you want to store web pages as well as media files, is for you. provides the server infrastructure for and your work may be available forever.
If you merely want a place to store large (or even small) media files, will let you do it for free. However, it is not a great choice for web pages or podcasts. Files you upload to may be archived forever.

Hosting your Podcasts
An overview of free and reasonably-priced ISPs for hosting your podcasts and videocasts.

Convert your Video for Video Podcasts

MoviesForMyPod (Mac)
Free tool for converting your movie files for play on the Video iPod.

Podner (Mac)
A $9.95 tool for converting your movie files into a format that the Video iPod can play.

Scripts and Sources of Inspiration

Classic old-time radio scripts
Superman, Fibber McGee and Molly, Gunsmoke and the Flash Gordon scripts are all here, along with many others for your students to perform and produce.

Simply Radio Scripts
An amazing and enormous collection of script transcriptions from all over world. High art and popular shows are represented. There are TV scripts available as well.

A Prairie Home Companion
Audio-clips, scripts and more from this popular family-friendly radio variety show.

Old-time Radio Sound Effects
How it was done.

WC Fields Radio Scripts and Clips

This American Life
Ira Glass and his merry band of geniuses create a weekly hour-long show around a quirky theme. The storytelling is phenomenal as is their use of low-technology (radio). Their site archives all of their shows, has links to resources for making your own radio and notes on how educators use This American Life.

Lost and Found Sound
This NPR project chronicles the 20th Century through the collection and redistribution of sounds captured across America by all sorts of people on all kinds of media. There are some great stories here and terrific examples of how compelling audio can be.

Sound Portraits
The site says that they are dedicated to documenting a hidden America. Many of their ecclectic and important radio documentaries appear on All Things Considered. The site contains the Peabody Award-Winning Ghetto Life 101 which went on to become the fantastic book, Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago, as well as The Execution Tapes and the Yiddish Radio Project. There are also resources for educators and links to related material.

Ghetto Life 101
An award-winning example of radio made by children that may inspire you or your kids to pick up a microphone.


Studio 360
Studio 360 is a new national radio show about arts and culture, hosted by novelist and journalist Kurt Andersen and produced by Public Radio International and WNYC. Current issues, events and trends in art are a jumping off point for an exploration of ideas that aren't necessarily "news," yet are provocative and offer a lens on experience that only art can provide. Studio 360 presents richly textured and emotionally resonant stories that look at art's creative influence and transformative power in everyday life.

American Radio Works
AMERICAN RADIOWORKS® is the documentary project of Minnesota Public Radio and NPR News. ARW is public radio's largest documentary production unit; it creates documentaries, series projects, and investigative reports for the public radio system and the Internet. ARW is based at Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul and also has staff journalists based in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, C.A., and Durham, N.C.

  • American RadioWorks and National Public Radio co-produce one-hour Special Reports distributed to public radio stations across the country.
  • ARW produces documentaries and series projects for news magazines on National Public Radio, including All Things Considered and Morning Edition.
  • Extensive online documentaries accompany all ARW radio projects, providing background, original photography, interactive elements and streaming audio of the radio documentaries.

Transom is a site dedicated to giving fresh voices the knowledge, tools, encouragement and community to produce their own radio programs. Some of these programs might appear on National Public Radio.

Youth Radio
Youth Radio promotes young people's intellectual, creative, and professional growth through training and access to media. Through hands-on practice, working relationships with industry professionals, and production of award-winning programming, Youth Radio students learn the basics of broadcasting. In the process, they're exposed to a broad spectrum of media-related careers. But technical training is only part of the picture. Through their journalism education, Youth Radio students also strengthen their foundation in basic "life-skills": verbal expression, writing, computer technology, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and more.

Radio Rookies
Radio Rookies is a WNYC program that trains young people to use words and sounds to tell true stories about themselves, their families, their communities and the world. Young people are spoken about in the media, but they are not often enough given the chance to speak for themselves. Through a series of eight-week workshops, each held in a new neighborhood, Radio Rookies gives teenagers the tools to become radio journalists, and allows them to learn from professionals how to develop a story, conduct interviews and edit and produce a polished radio feature that can air on WNYC.




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