Who Should I Vote For?
The world is full of interesting questions. Can the web help you answer them?

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I snapped these photos on December 15, 2005 while teaching at the Broadmeadows Secondary College in Broadmeadows, Victoria - a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. This election poster (left) was hanging on an electrical pole (above) suggesting who voters should elect at the polling place next door.

12/15/05 Broadmeadows, Australia
These photos were taken on December 15, 2005 next to Broadmeadows Secondary College, a grade 7-12 school in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Broadmeadows. Next door to the school was a polling place.

Which elections were held on December 15, 2005?
Can you “Google” the poster?
What are some of the strategies you would use to figure out who the poster would you like you to vote for? Do you speak the language used in the poster?

Jot down your strategies and what you learn during the research process.

Whose campaign poster is this?

What is the political party?

More and more questions..
Once you answer the questions above, do you have new questions?

Here are some things I might wonder about...

  • What sort of election is this?
  • What are the issues in the election?
  • Why is this polling place in Broadmeadows?
  • Who gets to vote?
  • What language is used in the poster?
  • Who is the candidate? (history,qualifications, personal biography)

Do you have any of your own questions? What are they?

Share what you learn with me at feedback2@stager.org. Interesting research results and new questions will be posted on www.stager.org.

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